FUJIFILM X WORLD投稿ランキング 28日間


データ期間: 2017年10月22日-11月18日




1Catch a Glimpse!!! X-Photographer Tomasz Lazar used GFX to capture moments in the streets of Tokyo! Fujifilm Poland fujifilm-x.com/x-stories/catch-a-glimpse-by-tomasz-lazar/2017-11-17 21:30:00830.13
2X-Photographer Kevin Mullins from the UK used the GF45mmF2.8 R WR to capture the moments in the street of Bristol.2017-11-15 21:00:011570.25
3Collaborative Project "HOME" with Magnum Photos Three new behind the scene footages from Antoine D'Agata, Moises Saman, and Alex Webb are now live! Watch these photographers in action and find out how they interpret the theme of "HOME"! To view the footages, click on the photographer link from the page below. http://home-magnum.com/2017-11-07 21:00:00450.07
4X-Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani from the Philippines captures the public display of affection with the X-E3 in the streets of Hong Kong.2017-11-02 20:30:003070.49
5X-Photographer Gallery Update! http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/ Total of 64 new galleries from 29 photographers have been added to the gallery. Enjoy! Photographer: Victor Liu (China) Gear: GFX 50S & GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR2017-10-31 20:30:001270.2
6X-Photographer Peter Delaney from South Africa talks about wildlife photography!!! Every photographer has his favorite subject, Find out what Peter's is!2017-10-27 23:55:111150.18
7Live in love prison2017-10-25 08:45:4000
8Visit to the wine cellar... with Fujifilm XE-3 ....2017-10-24 21:28:2100
9Photographer: Taras Bychko (Ukraine) Gear: X-E2 & XF18mmF2 R2017-10-24 18:43:171870.3
10Missing the X100S, so discrete you can photograph inside malls and no one even notices it.2017-10-24 11:05:4100
11X-Pro1 + 35mm F/22017-10-24 06:14:4210
12X-T2 and the 10-24, what a great combination!2017-10-22 23:38:1600
13City sleeping Fujifilm X-T2 & 56mm F1.22017-10-22 20:56:3400
14Hey all! I just picked up a Godox X1 and tt685f so I can learn some off-camera flash techniques with my X-T1. I've been shooting on Fuji for 2 years now but am brand new to the world of flash photography. Any links or recs on learning? Bonus points for Godox-specific tutorials. Thanks all! You can check out some of my stuff at https://www.instagram.com/highproofpreacher/2017-10-22 09:02:3400