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0“Waste isn’t waste when it has a value” Read how Mr Green Africa is helping Nairobi’s marginalised waste pickers… https://t.co/n79VQo3QvvUnilever2018-07-04 19:59:00430.023
1Are you improving skills + creating work opps for young adults? Enter our Awards & we’ll help develop your ideas… https://t.co/MB1AEDOZ7iUnilever2018-06-30 20:34:50320.017
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3Congratulations @IFBAlliance for #TenYearsOfProgress. We're pleased to be part of this continued progress on sustai… https://t.co/FiOKaAo4TaUnilever2018-06-22 22:43:19160.009
4Congratulations to @PaulPolman, newly elected Chair of @iccwbo! Read more about what we can expect from this new er… https://t.co/OI4D3wJm7dUnilever2018-06-22 02:28:00550.029
5It’s an honour to be named first in the @GlobeScan/@SustAbility 2018 #LeadersSurvey for the eighth year in a row. R… https://t.co/7f4NjJDspSUnilever2018-06-22 01:11:59480.026
6Congratulations to @keithweed for topping @ForbesCMO 2018 list of ‘World's Most Influential CMOs’ for the second ye… https://t.co/2PFq1X6zVEUnilever2018-06-21 22:36:21220.012
7We're committed to eradicating stereotypes and empowering people in all their diversity. That’s why we’re expanding… https://t.co/f5xqblXLUnUnilever2018-06-21 21:47:16520.028
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11At Unilever, we aim to eradicate stereotypes by using advertising as a force for good. We're proud to stand with th… https://t.co/T9QnAfkoSbUnilever2018-06-20 20:22:58370.02
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13As a member of #RE100 and #EV100 we’re delighted to support @ClimateGroup’s 100-day countdown to #ClimateWeekNYC. T… https://t.co/9YhI9u46ADUnilever2018-06-16 22:53:01330.018
14Climate change IS a reality. Doing nothing will end up costing us A LOT more. Are you working hard to reduce carbon… https://t.co/ZPUCuJrGLnUnilever2018-06-15 22:52:06420.022
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