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データ期間: 2017年12月24日-01月20日




0Companies with purpose last, brands with purpose grow, and people with purpose thrive. Read @LeenaNair on how to th… https://t.co/kIKrz7h1Z7Unilever2018-01-20 00:56:00370.021
1Read @PaulPolman on how fixing the broken food system can create a more sustainable and equal world https://t.co/mwVJOfF9e3 (£) @WSJ @WEFUnilever2018-01-19 00:35:00380.021
2Purpose not only drives us as humans, but it drives business too says @LeenaNair @WEF https://t.co/p6c3nY9dgH https://t.co/RxFxBeGDInUnilever2018-01-18 19:54:00550.031
32.3 billion people still lack basic sanitation. Read how building toilets can save lives and kickstart a new econom… https://t.co/UivtVacwfOUnilever2018-01-15 21:32:11340.019
4Do you like your brands to have purpose too? Vote now for @keithweed as Global Marketer of the Year https://t.co/EVGo0mR69sUnilever2018-01-12 22:59:47130.007
5In 2017 we created a smart tech to help people save water, time and effort - just one of the 12 ways we made an imp… https://t.co/8Gyc23IeCWUnilever2018-01-03 00:18:00340.019
6Breakthrough recycling tech, gender diversity & empowering women entrepreneurs… just some of the highlights of 2017… https://t.co/GWLcRgu8eAUnilever2017-12-31 20:14:00540.031
7See how Unilever Hero Raja has transformed a school and left a legacy for a local community https://t.co/pLSrtHlNOEUnilever2017-12-30 23:00:00240.014
8“When women are empowered, our society is empowered”. Here’s why Unilever Hero Elsie Wandera was voted Most Influen… https://t.co/HOPk8OuK1tUnilever2017-12-28 00:08:00540.031
9Unilever Hero Manoj-Kumar Langhani has improved quality of life for 2,500 people in rural Pakistan https://t.co/bsEkBlWFtyUnilever2017-12-27 00:04:00280.016
10Unilever Hero Samuel Osoro is saving lives in Kenya through one simple message. Here’s his inspiring story https://t.co/igfVgVKUzHUnilever2017-12-24 20:15:00180.01