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0Don't miss this great series of #EarthDay webinars on how you can become an agent of change. Proud to support today… https://t.co/QUjEcARxwYUnilever2018-04-20 21:18:20420.023
1Strong capital returns to shareholders: We intend to start share buy-back of up to €6bn in May to return proceeds f… https://t.co/QlRa6bnmzYUnilever2018-04-19 15:38:13240.013
2For full year, we continue to expect USG in the 3% - 5% range and are on track for our 2020 goals – including under… https://t.co/hFpMysQdH2Unilever2018-04-19 15:34:47180.01
3Connected 4 Growth is working - more agile, consumer-facing, better speed & quality of innovation #UnileverQ1 https://t.co/zQNBxGlEkhUnilever2018-04-19 15:29:23160.009
4Growth driven by emerging markets - USG +5.1% with volume over 4% for the second quarter in a row #UnileverQ1 https://t.co/zQNBxGlEkhUnilever2018-04-19 15:23:59390.021
5Good start to the year with USG excluding spreads 3.7%. Strong volume-led growth across all 3 divisions - driven by… https://t.co/8nr1ADqAMlUnilever2018-04-19 15:18:4790.005
6We’re one of 100+ companies aligning our strategy with the #ParisAgreement through @sciencetargets. Here’s why… https://t.co/EySns7o6cRUnilever2018-04-17 17:56:48670.037
7Working with @BoPInc we created ASPIRE - a guide to help us scale up distribution models that reach the world’s poo… https://t.co/MDp6R9XQu9Unilever2018-04-12 18:23:00290.016
8Find out how we’re sharing our expertise to help innovative social enterprises create successful… https://t.co/7M1rkyHyqAUnilever2018-04-11 17:53:00240.013
9Are you a social entrepreneur with an idea to tackle a big social, environmental or economic issue? Our TRANSFORM p… https://t.co/kaSsDik7iQUnilever2018-04-10 22:03:24530.029
10Of the millions of tonnes of PET plastic produced worldwide every year, just a small fraction is recycled. That cou… https://t.co/lzZOARulTxUnilever2018-04-09 18:06:00430.024
11WATCH: Sanjeev Das, R&D Packaging Director at Unilever explains how an exciting new technology converts PET waste b… https://t.co/nlryeL0aDvUnilever2018-04-06 17:59:56780.043
12Congratulations to our CEO @PaulPolman for being awarded the Treaties of Nijmegen Medal 2018 today! https://t.co/b4ixf8yjgMUnilever2018-04-06 03:03:10850.047
13Reliable, safe and carbon-free. Could a new liquid nitrogen-powered engine revolutionise our refrigerated transport… https://t.co/OZLvoAiWzkUnilever2018-04-04 19:12:00310.017
14We're partnering with @IoniqaCircular and @IVLTeam to pioneer a breakthrough recycling technology for food packagin… https://t.co/aALTHJIEJjUnilever2018-04-04 18:04:46550.03
15#DidYouKnow Unilever was founded by innovative thinkers back in the 19th century? Explore other facts about Unileve… https://t.co/a3YEy6H9lJUnilever2018-04-03 18:00:02260.014
16Discover how our heritage is still shaping the way we do business, through our interactive timeline of Unilever’s h… https://t.co/g2g7H38DwcUnilever2018-03-31 22:45:00620.034
17Check out our interactive timeline to find out more about how we grew into the purpose-led business we are today, t… https://t.co/YPQHEpmnbdUnilever2018-03-29 23:42:00790.044
18By 2030, 25% of total water demand will not be met. What will it take for organisations to start working together t… https://t.co/13QfFUPDpxUnilever2018-03-27 20:01:06530.029
19Eradicating forced labour from supply chains is a global business issue. Our Human Rights Report details how we’re… https://t.co/zT7skXtPggUnilever2018-03-25 18:05:00830.046