Hitachiツイートランキング 28日間


データ期間: 2017年12月24日-01月20日




0Our Advanced Driver Assistance System Electronic Control Unit was selected for use in the new upgraded @Nissan Note. 19:59:2750.01
1We have developed One Fail-Operational technology to help make the future of autonomous driving safer for all.… 02:39:25200.039
2Click here to take a closer look at some of the innovations we have created on our 107 year journey!… 02:46:23220.043
3How can a farmer shape the future? Find out here: 01:07:28290.057
4Earlier this year Hitachi was a gold sponsor for the Big Data conference at Arab Health 2017. Click on the video be… 02:09:45150.029
5We have launched "Prognostic Solution" to improve the accuracy of predictive diagnostics. 01:53:23160.031
6In order to advance our Social Innovation Business using #AI technologies, we have invested in @PreferredNet. Read… 22:05:59110.022
7Round the world with Hitachi ✈️This week we are travelling to Taiwan! 02:29:59100.02
8To give women everywhere a better chance of fighting breast cancer, Hitachi has developed the SOFIA 3D Ultrasound s… 01:57:50220.043
9Hitachi is using analytics to make sense of #bigdata to help shape the future: 01:35:13410.08
10By digitally connecting people, goods, equipment, and other elements and analyzing data in real time, Lumada is mak… 21:00:02270.053
11Round the World with Hitachi! ✈️ This week we are travelling to Singapore! 21:00:03120.024
12We at Hitachi would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! 21:00:02470.092
13In 2018, through a strategic integration between Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric our Particle Therapy System Busine… 18:48:3760.012
14Hitachi is passionate about delivering Social Innovation for all! Learn more about our passion here:… 21:00:02260.051