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0#AI is bringing the future to the present! Watch how here 18:00:25200.026
1#tbt to 1979 when we developed our first ATM to ease customer congestion at banks. 21:57:20270.035
2The factory of the future will combine skilled manufacturing techniques with automation. Find out how Hitachi is le… 20:15:49180.023
3Social Innovation is our #wordoftheday - find out more here: 23:42:43110.014
4We are using analytics to help our customers make sense of #bigdata. 01:43:14130.017
5Increasing urban populations are putting a strain on public spaces. We are helping to optimize these spaces and cre… 18:04:06170.022
6Our desalination systems reduce pumping costs meaning fresh water is more easily available worldwide!… 09:49:09350.045
7Our desalination systems reduce pumping costs meaning fresh water is more easily available worldwide!… 01:37:0140.005
8#tbt Drawing on our long history of supporting rail infrastructure, Hitachi is ensuring that people can move quickl… 00:44:29480.062
9Our #bigdata analytics are shaking up the way financial systems will operate in the future. Watch how below: 18:54:44240.031
10Learn about our favorite robot EMIEW3 on our Social Innovation website #Robotics 20:00:06130.017
11Watch how #robots are changing the way we live for the better 00:47:57260.034
12In close partnership with @UofUHealth we are making the treatment of type 2 diabetes more effective.… 20:05:25120.015
13In an effort to promote collaborative creation and open innovation, we have invested in Geodesic Capital. 20:15:00230.03
14We are passionate about delivering Social Innovation for all! Learn more about our passion here:… 20:15:00210.027
15#tbt In 1964, we were at the forefront of developing the "Shinkansen", a word synonymous in Japan with high-speed r… 03:30:01510.066
16Hitachi’s Lumada #IoT platform is helping to transform healthcare with digital technology. 00:24:18160.021
17Hitachi Rail Italy is taking the Copenhagen Metro into the future! Click on the link below to read about our new dr… 19:33:34190.025
18Discover how Hitachi helped create a community in harmony with an urban planning project which will act as a model… 00:32:16290.037
19We all want to live longer and healthier lives, right? Read how #SocialInnovation is helping:… 00:14:14170.022
20The State of Hawaii's goal is to obtain 40% of its electric power generation from renewable energy sources by 2030.… 19:03:59320.041
21By analyzing three years’ worth of sensor data from 100 MRI systems, we can more easily detect faults in these syst… 00:26:26270.035
22#tbt We took on the challenge of developing the first Hydraulic Excavator made exclusively with Japanese technology… 20:17:23160.021
23What's the link between #ICT and clean water? Click here to find out: 20:23:24160.021
24As the world gets ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, find out how Hitachi is planning for the #IoT era!… 00:36:51270.035
25Working closely with @JLL, our #IoT technology is gathering office utilization data to make office operations more… 20:00:45210.027
26How can a farmer make a difference to society? Watch here to find out 01:38:39580.075
27Discover how data can help make mining operations safer and more efficient. 18:45:38160.021