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0#Fridayfact: did you know 97% of the world's water is undrinkable? Learn about our work with water here:… 05:14:34190.018
1In 1960 Hitachi, under the guidance of Japanese National Railways, developed the world's first online railway seat… 08:00:29400.037
2How you can bring hope and help to patients around the world? Start by bringing new innovations to #healthcare… 08:35:09210.019
3Throwback to 2016 when we made shopping online safer with our high-precision finger vein authentication.… 02:59:5370.006
4We've been working with JR East to provide a safe and stable commute for the Tokyo Metro and its 14,000,000 passeng… 22:49:49240.022
5Hitachi is shaping the future of manufacturing by helping today's manufactures adapt themselves to diversifying cus… 01:57:31290.027
6Partners from Georgia Institute of Technology and Hitachi Vantara discuss the challenges and opportunities through… 23:45:51110.01