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0Working closely with @JLL, our #IoT technology is gathering office utilization data to make office operations more… 17:16:25120.016
1#tbt We first developed diesel buses and trucks in 1936, reaching a 75% share in Japan at one point. Our first dies… 00:47:48190.025
2Hitachi has published its first Hitachi SDGs Report titled "Onward to 2030: Hitachi's Road to Sustainability". Lear… 00:49:20240.032
3The factory of the future will combine skilled manufacturing techniques with automation. Find out how one Japanese… 19:53:50160.021
4Our #bigdata analytics are shaking up the way financial systems will operate in the future. Watch how below:… 23:27:46170.022
5Hitachi is helping to preserve one of the most precious resources on our planet. Read how here:… 18:38:54160.021
6#tbt In 1964, we were at the forefront of developing the "Shinkansen", a word synonymous in Japan with high-speed r… 18:19:27380.049
7We are making shopping malls and airports less crowded by utilising IT. Find out how on our Social Innovation websi… 02:17:11150.019
8Increasing urban populations are putting a strain on public spaces. We are helping to optimize these spaces and cre… 01:51:0180.01
9Hitachi is using analytics to make sense of #bigdata to help shape the future: 00:10:05270.035
10#Fridayfact: did you know 97% of the world's water is undrinkable? Learn about our work with water here:… 18:45:23250.032
11#tbt to 1979 when we developed our first ATM to ease customer congestion at banks. 19:31:17170.022
12Join Hitachi’s Chetan Gupta, James Destro and Rajesh Devnani in discussing how Hitachi is taking decision-making to… 18:02:49100.013
13Our work with the Sunway Group in Malaysia is helping to save energy for a university, hotels and shopping malls. L… 00:11:14210.027
14Through collaborative research, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd is helping new customers who have previously found… 22:41:38140.018
15Hitachi is shaping the future of manufacturing by helping today's manufactures adapt themselves to diversifying cus… 20:39:56460.06
16Hear from Mr. Roland Fritsch as he speaks about his 34 year journey @HitachiEurope 21:52:11120.016
17#tbt Drawing on our long history of supporting rail infrastructure, Hitachi is ensuring that people can move quickl… 18:43:55310.04
18Buzz Buzz Buzz! Click here to discover the link between bees and future food supplies! 20:27:42240.031
19We are working with @Entega to build a system that simultaneously optimizes electricity trading and operation plann… 23:04:3870.009
20Watch how robots are changing the way we live for the better #Robotics 23:58:48240.031