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0Hitachi is helping to preserve one of the most precious resources on our planet. Read how here:… 22:39:5530.004
1Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 TOKYO is a week away!Join us n Friday, October 19 at #HSIF2018 Toky for the f… 16:26:4090.011
2Hitachi Week 2018 on the way!Oct. 18-19, Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 TOKYO Oct. 16-19, @ceatec Looking… 14:35:03140.018
3#tbt In 1964, we were at the forefront of developing the "Shinkansen", a word synonymous in Japan with high-speed r… 02:43:13140.018
4An interview with @R_Thaler. Is it possible to motivate people to take reasonable actions at the time of disaster?… 02:20:5940.005
5#AI is bringing the future to the present! Watch how here: _1810… 17:51:22270.035
6Hitachi #Sustainability Report 2018 is now ready to view! This report details the social and environmental issues… 16:48:2660.008
7A happy workforce is a productive one! Discover how we are using #AI to help businesses enhance their work and thei… 05:46:2750.006
8Dr. Richard H. Thaler was interviewed by Hitoshi Shirai. They discussed how behavioral economics can be applied to… 01:51:4070.009
9This app is designed for visitors to the Hitachi events globally.Many contents available to exclusively on the app… 16:00:2940.005
10Join #HSIF2018 to enjoy Smart Logistics Contributing Value Chain Optimization, Understand and Connect Customers -Ev… 14:23:3710.001
11Hitachi is using analytics to make sense of #bigdata to help shape the future: 00:48:38190.024